Civil War – Bobby v. Mr. Cohen

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Micah’s Ode to his iPhone



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The Division Review

headerA few months ago Tom Clancy released its newest game “The Division.” Initially ,”The Division” got rave reviews. As time went on ,and people got to the endgame they realized that the game was very bland. The story, without spoilers, is that somehow a virus that was first found on money was very lethal. This virus is still raging through New York where the game is based. The graphics are good, and the city is recreated very well.  Martial law was declared which means that the military takes control of the town. The military established the Joint Task-Force or JTF. The JTF was welcomed at first but then people saw the opportunity to take the city back and took it. The JTF established what is now called the Dark Zone where the city is lawless and there is no utility or anything for that matter. The Dark Zone was established because the JTF lost their hold on the city. You can find the best gear in the game in the Dark Zone. In turn, the president approved the activation of Directive 51 which is a policy for the continuity of government. Thats where you come in, you are an agent of The Division which was activated to save the city, you have the ability to use lethal force when needed. I personally love this game.  The haters gotta hate, hate, hate, but the gamers gonna game, game, game.


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Crainer Commentates

maxresdefaultCrainer Commentates ( a YouTuber. He mainly uploads Minecraft videos.  He is a YouTuber that is from and lives in Denmark. Mr. Crainer just moved to another place in Denmark with another YouTuber Boskie. Mr. Crainer makes a lot of YouTube videos with this other YouTuber, SSundee. Mr. Crainer loves to name everything Bobby and he loves dirt and chicken poles (a block in Minecraft). Chicken poles are not in villa Minecraft there in a mod. Mr. Crainer Commentates uploads 2 videos a day. He used to do 3 videos a day, but in a vlog he said “At the end of the day, it was too much.” Crainer Commentates very recently got his 1,000,000th subcscriber. Crainer Commentates and SSundee do a lot of series together like Lucky Block and Golden Cobblestone. Mr. Crainer does a series called Crundee Craft with SSundee. In Crundee Craft, both Mr. Crainer and SSundee have access to the server that it is played on. They don’t talk to each other and they record on the sever at different times.  When one is recording the other is off doing something else. In Crundee Craft Mr. Crainer and SSundee like to troll each other. In Crundee Craft, he likes to pretend he’s Villian Crainer when he trolls SSundee. All the series he does have a certain day he uploads them. On Fridays he uploads Crundee Craft. Tuesdays he uploads Lucky Block Challenge Games. He also does other Minecraft videos where he plays on a map someone made. Three weeks ago Mr. Crainer and SSundee started a new sires called Head Hunter. He uploads Head Hunter on Thursdays.  I really enjoy watching Mr. Crainer’s videos. He’s funny, he does good content and he thanks people for all his support.

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Greene Street Artists Co-Op – Spirit Week Day 4

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School of Circus Arts Trip – Spirit Week Day 4


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Kimmel Center and Magic Gardens


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Today at the Soup Kitchen and Really Cooking with Robin


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Preparing for Service

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Spirit Week Episode 1 – The Spirit Awakens

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